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Where, in particular, products for watchmaking, optics, protectors, medical, palletisation and defence can all be found


MAITRE Frères SA operates from Glovelier**, in the Arc Jurassien mountain range, known as the home of expertise in precision procedures and micro engineering coupled with ingenious solutions. As a family business, we offer the significant advantages of flexibility, quick decision-making and responsiveness. The company handles all the steps in the industrial process: 3D R+D, internal and global production of tooling and parts from A to Z. To facilitate and accelerate development, prototyping, CADCAM and manufacture, contact with the customer and, if necessary, rapid retouching of tooling. All this takes place within a modern, well-equipped building covering 1500 m2, of which 1300 m2 are dedicated to production and 200 m2 to administrative services.

** Precise location and itinerary: on "Location map"